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SST-EF STMicroelectronics is a professional engaged in aerospace, military aspects of Science and technology for new materials research and development,application and production enterprises. The success of its R & D chip heating material is the current world top level, to change a hundred years to the traditional heating method. 2003, SST-EF STMicroelectronics to develop and produce in China’s chip heating series products, access to national invention patents, and by the National Quality and Technical Supervision detection, the thermal efficiency of 98.9%. Enterprises through the ISO9001: 2000certification.Products through the CCC, CE certification.
SST-EF 意法是专业从事航天、军供范畴科技新材料研发、应用与生产的企业。其研发成功的芯片加热材料属当前先进水平,改变了百年来传统的加热方式。 2003年,SST-EF 意法 在中国境内研制生产的芯片加热系列产品,获得国家发 明专利,并经国家质量技术监督局检测,热效率达到98.9%。 企业通过ISO9001:2000认证。产品通过CCC、CE认证。
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